In my own life, photography has always been about documenting moments in time. The birth of my twin sons inspired me to learn the ins and outs of my camera, and my wedding photos led me to specialize in wedding photography. I love to stitch together stories through images.

It’s been more than ten years since I got serious about taking pictures. I’ve been so fortunate to learn from inspiring clients and other photographers in that time! From working as a primary and second shooter at dozens of weddings to taking and editing thousands of engagement photos, my experiences have made me a more skilled and polished photographer.

More importantly, though, those experiences have given me a unique, focused approach to photography. When I shoot a wedding, I want to capture images that are personal and distinctive. I want to create photographs that will still give you goosebumps when you look back at them in twenty years. And I want you to love them not only because they’re gorgeous, but also because they are unmistakably yours.

If you’d like to learn more about my background and approach, please click HERE to send me an email. You’ll get a quick video reply that fills in lots of details and gives you an idea of who I am. I’ll follow that with a personalized message, and we’ll take it from there! I’d love to help tell the one-of-a-kind story of your wedding.