My first post!!!

Since I'm new to the blogging world I thought I would dedicate my first post to me and why I became a photographer.  It really began as a hobby with these two nuggets:


When I was preggers with them (almost 10 years ago), my husband bought me a small point and shoot.  I had this camera for several years to document the twins growing up, and I got tired of all my pictures turning out blurry and the flash constantly going off. So, after a lot of research I invested in my FIRST DSLR Canon that came with a kit lens.  After taking a few classes and a lot of reading, I learned how to shoot manual.  I fell in love with the control I had over my images.

As my boys got older, they were not as willing to let me photograph them.  I had to find new subjects, so I began to photograph friends + family.  From there I dabbled into weddings.  I love working in the wedding industry and photographing weddings, but I do not like the business side of it.  It is so fast paced and constantly changing.  I try my best, but I honestly don't have time for it given my schedule with two 9 year olds in third grade and a bonus son who is almost 17.  We are a family on the go, and being mostly boys it involves camping, boating, hunting, woods, mud, and anything else outside.

So, where am I now?  

I am currently working as an associate wedding photographer with Dana Cubbage Weddings.  I reached out to Dana almost 2 years ago to pick her brain and get suggestions on how I should try to get my foot in the door in the wedding industry.  After spending some time as a second shooter for Dana, I realized that's what I enjoyed most.  I am happiest when I can document the day for a bride + groom, witness the love between them, and watch two families become one.  I love the first dance, the father + daughter dance, the speeches, surprise performances...I spend the day laughing and leave at the end of the night with my cheeks hurting from smiling all day.  The moment "business" matters are thrown into the mix, I cringe and want to run and hide...and there is A LOT of business to wedding photography!  Dana has the established workflow I was striving for, but could never accomplish due to lack of time and interest.  So it just made sense to me to work with her and lucky for me for she brought me on as an Associate Photographer!

This past year I had the amazing opportunity to document a birth.  This was an eye opener for me.  After that experience, I knew in my heart that is what I want to be doing.  I love weddings and witnessing a bride + groom become a Mr. + Mrs., but I also love documenting the next chapter in their story...becoming + being parents.  So, this is my hope for document more in home sessions + births.  I want to capture real moments we sometimes take for granted, or don't think are anything out of the ordinary.  But believe me when I say EVERY real life moment is worth capturing.  I appreciate the need, and want, for the standard "look at the camera and smile", but what we tend to forget are the little things that make our families unique.  This could be a loose tooth, a love of running, twirling + swinging, reading with a brother or sister, the trips to the snack cabinet, and SO many more!

I hope you will take a moment to look at some of my favorite moments from 2015!

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