Out of the Woods Bar Soap

Out of the Woods Bar Soap


Ingredients:  Water; Lard; NaOH; Cocoa Oil; Palm Kernal Oil Flakes; Mango Seed Butter; Avocado Oil; Castor Oil; Stearic Acid; Sugar; Sodium Lactate; Titanium Dioxide; Kaolin Clay; Colloidal Oatmeal; Charcoal; Green Clay; Lime; Tea Tree; Vetiver; Orange

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This project was born out of love for dear friends of ours, the Wilson family. After regressing in her ability to walk, roll over, and bear weight on her legs, Sweet Ellie was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrom (AGS), a form of leukodystrophy. This disorder affects the brain, spinal cord, and immune system.  Since there is no cure for this disorder, treatment for Ellie's symptoms will be unique and lifelong. Out of the Garden was created by my son Dawson, with the help of his grandmother, in hopes of raising money to donate towards Ellie's fund. 

100% of the profits from the sale will go towards Ellie's fund.